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Baking Soda Douche for Vaginal Yeast Infection – Good or Harmful Practice?

Have you recently been suffering the uncomfortable and nagging symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection, including intense itching, irritation and vaginal discharge?

Have you searched the Internet attempting to discover an effective home cure for this infection, something that could bring you at least some measure of relief?

If so, you were probably taken aback by the sheer volume of information on the topic, and you may have, perhaps, even noticed some tips that included the use of a baking soda douche.

While there is certainly no shortage of websites that mistakenly promote the use of a baking soda douche as a cure for vaginal yeast infection, most experts disagree, saying instead that the practice could be harmful and could, in fact, worsen your condition.

In this article we will take a closer look at the science behind vaginal yeast infections and the practice of douching with baking soda, and outline some of the reasons why most doctors and gynecologists are generally against their usage.

Vaginal Yeast Infection : The Cause

To fully appreciate how a baking soda douche can be detrimental to your vaginal health, it is first necessary to explain the science behind vaginal yeast infections.

As you may know, vaginal yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of a particular type of fungus or yeast called Candida albicans.

This type of fungus is always present in the human body, normally residing in regions where the conditions are warm and moist, such as the mouth, digestive tract and, of course, the vagina.

Under normal circumstances, people will not detect the presence of Candida albicans, because the healthy bacteria that are also in the body keep the fungus in check and prevent its growth.

Only when fungus or yeast begins to grow out of control do we start to notice symptoms, and this overgrowth is caused by the destruction and depletion of friendly bacteria.

So what causes the mitigation of healthy bacteria that leads to these fungal infections?

There are many, many reason why this can happen, including the use of antibiotics, steroids and oral contraceptives, along with certain conditions such as diabetes, pregnancy and immune system-weakening diseases like HIV/AIDS.  Also on this list of risk factors, however, is the practice of douching – including the use of a baking soda douche.

Baking Soda Douche and Vaginal Yeast Infection – The Connection

The balance of organisms in the vagina is a fragile one, and any disruption can lead to major problems and infection.

It is a balance where the healthy bacteria work tirelessly to fight back the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and funguses, and a balance that creates the optimal level of acidity in the vagina.

However, when this acidity level is changed by an outside entity, yeast, including the Candida albicans species, can and will proliferate.

According to doctors, any kind of douching, including a vinegar, iodine or baking soda douche, can rapidly change the pH level in the vagina. That’s because the douche has chemicals in it that destroy the healthy bacteria that reside there, ultimately leading to a myriad of possible vaginal complications, including frequent or recurrent vaginal yeast infections.

In addition to causing a vaginal yeast infection, a baking soda douche can also aggravate an infection that is already present. Not only will it worsen the infection by destroying even more of the healthy bacteria needed to control it, the douche can also push the infection deeper, back into other parts of the female anatomy, including the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

The simple truth is that the baking soda douche is completely unnecessary. The organisms in the vagina work together to consistently clean the vagina, and they do this while still maintaining the proper pH levels needed to fight off yeast overgrowth.

This is why doctors recommend that you avoid the practice of douching altogether, including the baking soda douche which will can cause and worsen the infection and ultimately delay healing.

Yeast Infection No More

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